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  > is a free resource for quickly finding a local hospital near your home on Google Map. It actually depicts all the hospitals near you on the map. By enlarging the map, you will get a better idea about the closest hospital and the next closets and so on. is basically a searchable hospital data base or directory that offers more. The website dedicates a page to each hospital that explains the services offered by that particular hospital. This helps with making a better decision regarding a local hospital. Local hospitals also offer a referral list that is guaranteed to offer good quality doctors or specialist in a particular medical field.

Most people search for a hospital after a move. Getting yourself familiar with your local Google map after a move is also very beneficial. You will get a better feeling about the area on the map and also get a feeling about distances to other interesting locations. After finding the closest hospital, give them a call and make sure they do offer the services or they do actually have the medical equipment and testing you might need.

Most people believe hospitals are only a place for emergency and surgery. In fact, most hospitals have a lot more to offer. Surveys after surveys show when people find themselves in a medical emergency, they rush to their local hospital. This usually accompanies a case that requires surgery. This is far from truth and reality. Most hospitals are well equipped to offer testing, diagnostics equipments, psychiatric counseling and also many free or reduced medical services and resources.

A good directory search should show hospitals that offer free or reduced medical help. This is the best option for those who are uninsured or need free help. Unfortunately there might be red taping, paperwork and phone calls for getting approval. We strongly recommend following the rules to get approval for access to free medical clinics. It is well recommended in the long run. Medical bills can quickly get out of control.

Hospitals provide many services that the general public is unaware of. One example is the medical clinics that are affiliated with hospitals. These medical clinics are to ensure that the general public has access to affordable health care that they could not afford. Making people aware of options regarding free or reduced cost health care is beneficial. Your first step is to contact your local hospital and get a list of medical clinics in your area. Many hospitals have a representative whose job is to help people find the best options available for the uninsured. You must show proof of eligibility for reduced cost or free health care.

Contact your local hospital and inquire about their health clinic as your first step in taking care of yourself and your loved ones. In an emergency, reliable hospitals cannot turn you away if you do not have health insurance. Hospitals must treat any patient who has immediate and urgent medical emergencies. Frequently, hospitals will even allow you to apply for reduced fee or free health care even after you have received medical treatment for an emergency. Hospitals are there to aid the public.

Here is a little more information that may help you. Check with the social services representative at your local hospital to see If you are in the poverty income bracket according to the federal and state governments. If you are in the poverty income bracket request to be mailed or faxed the paperwork for people with financial hardship, fill it out and send it back. Guess what! Your entire hospital visit was just paid by the government. Yes, paid in full. Our tax dollars at work for the poor.

We mentioned people who have moved. This website is a great source for professionals who are looking for jobs in medical field after a move. The medical professional could be all Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Radiology technologists, Pharmacists, Pharmacy technicians, ER Technicians, Cardiology technicians, Dietitian Hospitals, Social workers, Discharge Planners, Hospital Chaplins, Hospital Human Resources, Hospital Administrations, Hospital Housekeepings, Hospital Engineerings, Hospital Activities, Hospital Security, and Hospital Receptionists.

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